Cars Fans Play with Snow

photo of cars parked in snow


Even if you do not have little kids, unless you have been living under a rock you know that Disney has several movies out about cars. The Disney cars have a very distinct way of making the windshields part of the personality of each car by the way they draw eyes on the windshield. So, someone who is a Cars fan obviously had some fun playing with these cars that were parked in the snow. I think it is very clever – especially like the way they used the underlying paint color of red to be the tongue on the car shown on the far right. How cute!

It’s been snowing here the past 2 days, so I could do this, but I didn’t think of it. In the future I would do this to my own car except no one would see it! I park my car so far from the road that no one can see my car unless they come up my driveway and walk around to the back of my house. Not even the UPS guy would know, as he comes to the front door with my packages. And if I am going to drive it somewhere, I have to clear the windshield, so the drawing would not last very long.