Geek Speak

There was an article on Yahoo’s front page about computers, hackers and passwords. Because I work in a very technical environment, I have always paid attention to these types of articles.

In fact, my blog has been thwarting attempted hacks for over 4 years, thanks to some plug-ins that I installed within my WordPress software. But every once in a while, someone does get in and it really angers me. I am just a person trying to go about her busy life with no negative impacts and out of the blue someone attacks my web site and causes me a lot of problems. It just seems so unfair and so unnecessary.

Anyway, there was a very good article on one of the web sites that I like to surf, “Choose and Remember Great Passwords.” It has to do with coming up with good passwords. I was happy to read that my method of creating passwords is one of the suggestions.

Well, a variation of it is what I have done for years. And none of the hacks on my blog have been a result of a hacked password. They have all been a result of weaknesses in the software program that allows people to come in through comments or link malicious viruses and trojans to videos or other links embedded in messages.

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