Meeting New Guys

The greatest moments of my post-divorce and dating days were when I could make arrangements for my kids to be well taken care of for an entire weekend and I could go away. There are hundreds of great day trips from the DC area and I loved to go to new places and explore with a guy. When you are both experiencing someplace new, neither one has the “home court advantage” and it opens you up for better communications and more spontaneous moments in the relationship.

One romantic weekend, my date drove over to my house in his new little rad sportscar and I tossed a little duffle bag into the bag and we headed out with no particular destination in mind. He let me drive the car for hours, zooming along a lot of backroads and just enjoying the drive. We ended up on the Eastern Shore, where we stopped for a fresh seafood dinner of Bay crabs and oysters, and then we found a little bed and breakfast that had a room available and they gave us a nice little bottle of wine to share on the front porch. It was so liberating and so nice to just do whatever we wanted without having to plan and budget and worry about the kids. It didn’t hurt that he was a wonderful, charming and attentive man, and we were good friends for several more years. When people mention romance, I can’t help but think of that Eastern Shore weekend.

I would never meet anyone like him in today’s world. I don’t go out to bars anymore, and I doubt he would have used a matchmaking service like eHarmony. I know a lot of people are slowly embracing the idea of meeting people over the internet and signing up for the matchmaking sites. I’ve done it myself! I say it is always worth a look – what could it hurt? Just be smart about your safety and keep an open mind when someone wants to chat or trade emails – it’s a great way to get know someone better, and if you are lucky the romance follows.

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