Plastic Coat Hangars

When I was a kid, my parents would send a lot of clothes to the dry cleaners. My mom would send my dad’s white shirts out every week. And she would send his suits, a lot of her dresses, our coats and even the drapes in the living room for regular cleaning. All the clothes would come back freshly pressed and hanging on black wire coat hangars. We saved those coat hangars and put them to use in our closets to hang our other clothes.

I don’t remember ever throwing away the coat hangars – until my parents bought a condo in Florida and they discovered that you must use plastic hangars there due to the high humidity and the way that the wire hangars rust. My mother had some of her clothes ruined by the rust and went on a rampage to purge the house of wire coat hangars. Now we are totally wire free, and have to buy our hangars rather than re-using the ones from the dry cleaners.

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