What A Difference 80 Degrees Makes

I never noticed how much the weather can affect my mood until today. I know back in Tennessee it is winter – albeit a mild winter – and here in Florida it is warm and sunny, with a balmy breeze.

Back in Tennessee every one bundles up and rushes to their car, not wanting to be out in the cold. You don’t look out of the windows much because it is a grey, cloudy day and all the trees are bare and grey. It’s depressing.

Here in Florida, you don’t mind the short walk to your car. You breathe in the warm air, feel more relaxed and don’t worry about rushing to get back indoors. I can sit outside on the balcony and spend an hour on the internet. When I’m finished, I feel more calm and rested than if I was at home in a closed up room, ignoring the outdoors.

Or maybe I’m just making a case for moving here next year . . . ?

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