Apartment Hunting

My Bed and Breakfast fellow traveler is from Chicago, one of my all time favorite cities. We’ve been talking about the housing market problems and how hard some of the new areas in Chicago have been hit, so now a lot more people are renting instead of buying their homes.

The last time I was looking for an apartment was before so many cool internet sites and resources were available. Back then I had to send off for apartment finder magazines and make a lot of long distance calls to find out what I wanted to know. You would have to make appointments to meet with the property manager and make a trip to the city for an idea of the property, the neighborhood, and the amenities. Now you can sit at your PC and see great photos and linked pages to learn about the schools, crime, shopping, etc.

Now it is easy with the internet to find listings of the different properties and search them by neighborhood or proximity to your job or in the right school districts. If I wanted an apartment in Chicago I would start with the websites for Chicago Apartment Finders or Apartments in Chicago. These both have a lot of listings. If you are using a search engine, I would try for Apartments Chicago IL or something very specific to the neighborhood that you have in mind, like Lincoln Park or Wheaton.

Sometimes it is better to try to find a condo that is available for rent rather than the traditional apartment rentals. I know there is a great site for finding Chicago condos listings. Especially if you are not already in the Chicago area, the internet can help you save a lot of time and will hopefully help you find the perfect new home.

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