My Friend is a Nurse

My friend, Jillian, is a nurse at one of the big hospitals downtown. I have been friends with her for over 20 years, but only once have I seen her wearing her scrubs. I had to take my son to the ER and I called her to let her know we were there, so she came down to check on him and give me a hug. It was a weird accident – my son dropped a steak knife off the edge of his plate as he was going into the living room. The steak knife dropped straight down into his foot, which I am sure must have hurt a LOT. We were sure it needed stitches, so off we went to the hospital.

Jillian is a nurse on the hospital helicopter, called LifeFlight. She is part of the Emergency Room staff, but she stays upstairs close to the helicopter landing pad to be on board quickly when they get dispatched. They were the same hospital uniforms as the rest of the ER staff, except she also has a flight jacket and a helmet for safety.

While she was visiting us in the ER, I asked her where to buy medical scrubs and she told me the best bargains were online. The nurses have to buy their own scrubs, so Jillian does what a lot of them do – she buys a week’s worth of scrubs to have clean and ready to wear at all times.

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