The need for stem cell research

Our country, the greatest country on planet Earth, needs to get behind stem cell research and quickly because if we are to ever see any type of cures for diseases that affect so many today and will have affected up to ten times as many in the coming years, all of them will needlessly suffer in my opinion, if nothing is done now, to research possible cures for incurable diseases like cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis, Herpes and many more diseases that have no cure and affect so many Americans and people worldwide, every day.

If you could take a piece of your hair, skin, blood, spit, sperm or even apart of an ovaries, in order to cure yourself, why would you not do so? We already do this with blood which most of the time you get others people blood not even your own, so what is the difference with your very own stem cells? It is a part of me and why should someone be telling me that I can not take a part of me and cure myself with it? Just wanted to get your opinion on this matter where ever you live because cures for diseases is something we all needed yesterday, not possibly 20 years from now.

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