Burger King for Comfort Food

I just read that Burger King and Kraft Foods have struck a deal that will introduce Kraft Macaroni and Cheese to all the Burger King restaurants. What a great idea! I love macaroni and cheese – although I try to keep it down to just 2 or 3 times a month because of the high fat content.

Sometimes I make a pasta with cheese at home. For a single person, this is an easy way to fix it. Boil whatever kind of pasta needles you want – mix it up and try new ones, like ziti or twists. To measure dry pasta, I allow one big handful per serving. After the pasta has cooked, drain and put into a microwave safe bowl – are they all microwave safe these days? I’m not sure. This is probably why I don’t do a cooking show on cable.

Sprinkle a handful of shredded cheese over the top of the cooked pasta. Again, mix it up – they sell one and two pound bags of shredded cheese at all the groceries now. Try the sharp cheddar one time, then try the colby and monterey jack mix, then try the mexican blend. Microwave for a minute and half, stir and serve. For extra zest, try adding a little dash of mustard when you are stirring.
If you want extremely easy and delicious, buy the Stouffer brand frozen macaroni and cheese when it’s on sale. It cooks up in about 6 minutes and is the creamiest!

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