Finding an Accountant

My son in Alabama has decided to go out on his own and start up a construction business. He has several good men for a crew and some good local contacts with the government contractors in Huntsville, and has already won his first contract to build a trucking terminal near the airport. His wife will be helping run the business and take care of the office work, but he knows he needs an accountant to help set up the books and do their taxes.

If he was up here in Nashville I could refer him to 3 or 4 good accountants, but I don’t know anyone in Huntsville. So I did a little searching on the internet and found a site that looks like the perfect solution. This site helps match up small business owners with the right local accountant or CPA. The site explains the different services and criteria to consider before retaining an accountant, and has a little quiz type of program or series of screens with basic questions that helps identify your needs and when you submit the form you will be contacted at the telephone number or address that you provide by their members interested in working with you.

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