Pounds for Dollars or Dollars for Pounds?

Waiting in the boardroom this afternoon for a planning meeting, I had the chance to chat with our CFO for a few minutes. He was sharing some interesting thoughts with me on currency trading. He is well traveled and used to converting all the different currencies while jetting around the world for business meetings and conventions. I never realized until this conversation that some people trade the currencies as a way to make money.

He told me about a website that he uses for foreign exchange trading and that even a novice like me could use this site to make trades. For beginners, the website has online tutorials and a way to practice trading using virtual money at the real rates. So you can make trades and see how good you are without risking your real money. I really like that idea.

When ready to make the real trades, this website has all kinds of tools to help you. You can make trades in real time and watch the trades happen on the site’s display. They also offer a chat room and live support. All you have to do is download their Forex software and create an account to get started. I think it is worth a second look and maybe I’ll do some trades with virtual money to see if I am any good at trading currencies.

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