Heading Downtown

Me and the girls are getting together for a weekend to remember downtown, having not been out in what seems like ages, we are going to set the town on fire with plenty of drinking, dancing, and reminisce about old times together. Of course we will have a designated driver while we got plastered and do our thing.

We all pitched in and got a limo to take us around while we hop from club to club. Last time we went out we used this awesome limo company that went the extra mile to make us happy. The driver was a great man who had tons of great jokes and stories and the night seemed to go by so fast that when it was over, we were still ready to party some more, which we got the driver to stay out for a couple more hours and had the times of our lives. Anyways not much blogging will get done this weekend while I party and recuperate from this soon to be wild weekend.

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