PC in a Box

Before my boyfriend got kicked to the curb, we were spending a lot of time on computer things. He was more geek oriented than sports oriented, and he loved to tinker with my home computer, which drove me nuts. I have my computer set up the way I like it and I don’t like people messing with it.

So to give him a little diversion, I had ordered a do it yourself personal computer kit from an online supplier so he could build his own computer, right out of the box. I read through the site and they send you everything you need except the screwdriver – complete step by step instructions, all the parts clearly labeled, and you save a lot of money over buying a new PC from the retail stores. I know he would have loved the whole project, he had mentioned an interest in doing more hands on work with computers anyways. Build a PC seemed the perfect new hobby.

Too bad he had his big jerk attack before the pc kit arrived by UPS. It came a couple days after I threw him out, and I’m keeping it in the corner for later. Who knows, I might pull it out of the box and put it together myself.

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