My New 100% Cotton PRS Birds T-Shirt

The PRS Birds T-Shirt that I ordered online from musician’s friend arrived and I have to say that it looks great and since it is 100% cotton jersey material it feels quite comfortable as well. As I get older I have found that being comfortable in my clothes is a huge issue. Gone are the days that it was all about looking good no matter how it felt to me.

Considering this t-shirt has a two-color PRS graphic imprint that was originally selling for $25 and I got it for $20, with no shipping or handling charges tacked on to the order, I think I got a pretty sweet deal. And I love the contrast color blanket stitching on the waist, the cuffs, the shoulders and the armholes has really impressed me. Since I generally don’t buy a lot of things for myself (especially clothing) I think I should have ordered two of them while I had the chance and the money!

100% cotton shirt

My New PRS Birds T-Shirt