Wondering about “Sideways”

While kicking back on my Friday night I decided to watch a movie. Normally, I like action movies like Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis films, or comedies. For some reason I picked the movie “Sideways,” starring Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh. I don’t know much about the guys, but I have been a big fan of Virginia Madsen and I recognized Sandra Oh from another movie that I like very much and I believe she is on a popular TV show, too. So I thought it was worth a look.

It was a strange movie and I’m still not sure if I liked it. It particularly bothers me that people not living in America might watch it and think that the way these characters behaved is typical for Americans and their values, because I don’t think that is true. At least, I hope it is not true.

If you haven’t seen “Sideways,” the story premise is that a couple of guys are going on a short trip to California’s wine country as a type of bachelor party for Jack. The two guys are good friends but just can’t tell the truth to one another nor to the several girls that they meet. The comedy is in the consequences for their lying.

My favorite part is at the very end – (yeah! it’s over!) when Miles gets manipulated into breaking into someone’s house to get back Jack’s wallet. The very premise and the chase scene that ensues is absolutely hilarious.

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