Cabby needs a Plumber

Chatted with Cabby for a bit tonight while we played a game of spades together. He’s been busy renovating the manor house but it’s raining there today and he couldn’t get anything done on it.

I know the electricians in England do things differently than we do here in the U.S., but I didn’t know there are a lot of differences for plumbers, too. Cabby has been having a hard time find someone to do the work on the manor house, so he’s been trying to talk his son, Steph, into taking the classes. With Steph taking the Plumbing Training, they will have more control over the costs and they will know the work is done right.

In the U.K. you can take different courses and learn the basics of being a plumber in just 4 weeks. The intensive course is called, “Cities and Guilds” and it takes about 3 months of full time work and study. This is serious stuff. If you want to be a fully licensed plumber, it takes about 12 months altogether, including lots of study and exams. But with such high demand for tradesmen throughout England, this could be a great career choice for guys who are mechanically inclined. Not to exclude the girls, though. I bet some women would make great plumbers, too.

I hope Steph takes his Dad seriously and signs up. This could be a great opportunity for both of them!

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