Searching for Leads

Fun little assignment was dropped in my lap this morning. Find a new tenant for the warehouse in Virginia. We are in the middle of cutbacks and downsizing – isn’t everyone? Our company is pulling everyone in from the field and consolidating our resources. Closing the warehouse in Virginia and moving everything here makes sense.

Anyway, the boss thinks that we need to find someone who does manufacturing and thinks that the best industries would be either housing components or cut and sew. I’m doing research now to try to identify which companies have a presence and might want to expand. Then I need a list of companies in other states that might have an interest in expanding their current operations or possibly relocating to Virginia.

Not having much luck with Google, so I might have to buy lists for the first telemarketing campaign. The boss is in a hurry but on a tight budget, so this will be quite the challenge. Of course, I’ll have to find a commercial real estate broker to list the property and be the local resource for when someone wants to inspect the building and grounds. But to get this done quickly, I’ll need to have a jumpstart on the prospects and negotiate a reduced commission with the broker for all the work that I’ll be putting in. To me, this is the fun part of real estate- hunting for prospects. If I can find some good lists with current contact information, that will be a huge help.

Hope to get a couple trips to Virginia out of the assignment – good chance to see little brother and have dinner with him.

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