What To Do With 2 Hours?

Have to take a break from the convention and give my poor aching feet a rest. I have a 2 hour break, so I can either take a short nap or sit out on the balcony with my laptop and surf for a while. Guess which option won that coin toss?

Have a lot of emails to catch up. I think I’m going to ask most of my friends to just read my blog and post comments. I think this while blogging experience is so new to a lot of people that they don’t know how to make the most of this cool new technology.

I’ve been thinking about getting my MicroSoft certification and start taking on a few students to teach them computer and internet basics, especially the elderly that haven’t really grown up with all this technology. I would like to start a new project to help people, but have to work around a hectic travel schedule. Let me see if I can find some ideas on the net that I can adapt to my own purposes.

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