Domain Registration

Had a great idea about starting a website for my friends who play Spades on the internet. We’ve been talking among ourselves about getting together this summer for a weekend and play cards and have some fun.

To get this event organized, I can buy a new domain name and set it up as a blog so everyone can find out the details and keep track of who is coming. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on this, so I’ll check into domain registration and hosting options on the net tonight. First, of course, I need to find a catchy domain name and make sure that the one I want is available. Then I need to find a hosting service. Something that is budget friendly. I see that the Payless Domains website offers registration and also web hosting. Sounds interesting!

If this all works out, I might want to set up a meeting and website for my friends who play Hearts. I could make a sister website to my Spades site and host the Hearts domain on the same server. This whole project is getting me pumped for a meeting with all my internet friends that play cards!

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