What’s on Your Desk?

There’s a meme going around between my blogger friends that asks you to post what’s on your desk. I work in a cubicle and have a wrap around desk with overhead bins that close and hide the mess that I stuff in there each night. So here’s what I’ve got actually out on the desktop and little bulletin board:

  • my laptop and docking station
  • a cheap personal laser printer (for quick printing rather than going to the company network printer)
  • a little desk lamp that I brought from home to soften the flourescent lighting
  • my company phone and a docking station for my cell phone
  • in and out tray
  • large ceramic mug from Future Graphics to hold my pens, scissors, etc.
  • the Predators team calendar
  • photoframe of my kids and me at my birthday dinner a couple years ago
  • a map of the U.S. with the time zones indicated
  • printout of the company phone directory
  • a stack of magazines from the trade associations
  • a Purell hand sanitizer in a cute little gizmo holder
  • a crystal candy dish with assorted Brach’s caramels
  • a crystal budvase with three silk roses

Kinda girly desk, isn’t it? I have a strict policy of not keeping much personal stuff on my desk. After the last job, I want to be able to leave with just one box of my stuff in a copy paper box and be gone in one trip to the car.

So tell us what’s on your desk and send me the link to your blog so I can see!

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