Human Resources Challenges

Talked to Katie for a long time this afternoon. She has been working as the human resources assistant at CWNA for over 2 years and is getting so frustrated. The Human Resources Manager gave notice at Thanksgiving and said she would stay for up to a month so they would have time to find a good replacement. So of course, the month has gone by and they have only interviewed a couple of people and made no offers.

Katie’s feelings are a little hurt that they haven’t offered her the promotion. I know she must feel that if the lame duck manager actually leaves, that the company will be expecting Katie to step up and do the work but that she won’t be getting the pay or the title. That’s not fair, but that’s the corporate world at it’s worst, and CWNA is certainly a candidate for the top 10 worst companies to work for in California.

For example, the HR Manager just assigned a huge project to Katie, to compare health insurance plans and rates and possibly make a change. Katie has been looking at California small business health insurance and learning about the different plans. Getting a California group health insurance quote for the employees at corporate from different companies is very time consuming, but Katie is pretty good at that kind of thing.

Katie’s been doing a lot of the research on the internet. She was telling me about a website that a broker has for getting a California health insurance quote from multiple companies so you can (hopefully) find the best plan for your group from the one site.

I listened to her concerns and tried to be encouraging. I think if she does a good job with this project that she will increase her marketable skills and quite possibly be able to convince the CEO that she can handle the job of HR Manager. If not, this will look good on her resume and she can start looking for a better job.

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