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Recently many friends have been sending me invited to thier new blogs and I have been blown away by the amount of free blog places that have become available for everyone to use. Of course you have the blogs that some people use on Myspace, then there are the places that my geekier friends tend to use like live journal or typepad. Some of friends astonish me when they tell me that they have set up a blog at a place like blogger (I had thought this kind of blogging was far out of reach for the majority of my friends who have issues using sites like myspace) .

Well very cool, ther are more and more people using lots of blogging options. I recently read somehwere that was now hosting more than 1 million free blogs! I love the wordpress format, and was tickled pink when I got a link from a friend who has actually taken the time to set up a free wordpress adult blog recently. I guess when it comes to posting pictures of your ex girlfriend (Kelsey Michaels) ordinary people will decide to learn new software and get on the blogging bandwagon to do it!

Funny. Cool? Gross? I don’t know, I can only hope that once Bob get’s his roclks off with the Kelsey posts that he will start a blog one day that focuses on more enlightening subjects like his Tai Chi practice or something. ‘Till then it is very cool to see so many people adapting to new ways of sharing info with the world, let there be more free blogs!

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