Work Your Way Across Australia

With all my travels over the years, the only place I’ve not yet been that I’d love to visit is Australia. I had big hopes at my last job that I would finally have a good business reason to go, as the company was Australian owned. But right after I joined the executive team, the Australian owners sold out to the American partnership and we became an American owned company, with no reason for me to go to Australia. Darn the luck.

But we still did a lot of business with the Australian arm of the company and I have a few good friends from that job in both Australia, Sand Francisco, and Los Angeles. So there’s still a chance for me to go to Australia as a little more than a tourist.

One thing I did not realize until recently is that a popular way to travel Australia is to work your way across the country as a “backpacker.” A backpacker usually takes casual or temporary jobs doing a variety of seasonal or late shift work for a short while and then moves on. There is a huge need for backpackers in the summer to work the farms and orchards and do grape picking, orange picking, apricot picking etc. There are also a lot of backpacker jobs in the hospitality industry, especially for late night shiftwork.

I read up on Jobs in Australia on a website called and found the different listings for all the different professions very interesting compared to the listing in the U.S. employment classifieds. For instance, the site has categories for mining jobs, apprentice jobs, government jobs, and overseas jobs. Those are categories you don’t see in many U.S. job sites or classifieds.

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