Col. Mustard in the Conservatory

Remember the board game, Clue? I loved that game – we played it a lot as kids. The game pieces moved about a mansion, going from room to room looking for clues to the murder. One of the rooms is the conservatory. Now, to be honest, as a kid I had not been in many mansions and I had no idea what a conservatory is.

As a grown up, I am pleased to announce that I am sitting in a conservatory right this very moment. Surfing and blogging on my laptop via WiFi at the Bed and Breakfast I found.

And speaking of conservatories, I found a website of a company in Maryland that designs and produces conservatories. If you don’t know what a conservatory looks like, you can go to their website and take a look for yourself!

Turns out that a beautiful custom built conservatory cannot be delivered to the original client, so it has been donated to the Caroline County Historical Society. They are taking the donated conservatory to auction to find their conservatory a new home, so if you are interested you can probably get it at a very good price. And besides the opportunity to save a lot of money getting this at auction, the proceeds will go to charity.

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