The Manor House

Had a nice afternoon with Cabby as we walked around and through the manor house that he is renovating.  It is a large Georgian stone and clapboard home, perfect for dividing into four apartments or condos. The house is really run down and needs major upgrades to the plumbing and electrical systems.

Cabby has a lot of carpentry skills and has learned enough about wiring to do all the electrical stuff himself, although he has a good friend who is a licensed electrician who stops by and checks on his work. He was almost finished when I pointed out that this is the perfect time to pull all the telephone and cable wiring, too. Me and my big mouth! But it is true, to get all the wiring behind the sheetrock or in the ceilings, and he will set about doing that next week.

Then we have the plumbing to tackle. He was hoping Steph would take some courses and help with that, but Steph has other plans. So we don’t know who will be installed the new bathrooms. The old house had just one and that had to be torn out to accommodate the division into four separate units.

So we are about a month away from being ready for sheetrock. Cabby asked for my thoughts on the paint colors and carpet/flooring, so we’ll have to sit down and go over that later. And I have some ideas on the courtyard and gardens. This is very exciting now that it has a touch of reality to me rather than just some emails and chats online.

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