The Problem with Dogs

Two problems with dogs as compared with cats, include the need to be walked at least twice a day, rain or shine, and they bark.

I love the way cats don’t need to go outside – they can be perfectly content to use a litterbox and hand around on your couch and windowsills. But dogs need to be taken outside at least twice a day, more if you have the time and opportunity. They need more of your attention, and some dogs have a problem controlling their barking, which makes if very hard on the neighbors.

But when you come home after a long bad day, a dog’s wagging tail and devout loyalty can make up for any inconveniences. A dog can truly be your best friend, for years and years of companionship.

One thought on “The Problem with Dogs

  1. Full Grown Single

    I travel a lot. I have a dog. The travel/dog combo costs a lot, but it works well for both me and the canine in question. All dogs need to go out, all dogs need attention and commitment, but not all dogs bark. If you want a pet and are drawn to dogs, really, it’s possible.

    No opinion on cats– I don’t love them and my dog has an unsettling fascination with them that doesn’t bode well, so I’ve never worked through the logistics.

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