Lunch at Olive Garden

The girls at the office wanted to go out to celebrate Aimee’s birthday, so with all the restaurants around here to pick from, they chose Olive Garden. I love Olive Garden, but why this week of all weeks?

Years ago, my youngest son was a server at Olive Garden for the summer while school was out. I was impressed with how much value the restaurant manager placed upon proper training of the new wait staff. They had to complete three days of classroom training and then two days of on the job training assisting an experience server before they were allowed to have their own section of tables in the restaurant for their shift. I think that they have changed that now to include watching a DVD for waitress training.

The DVD called, “The Perfect Server” is a great example of how restaurants and other businesses can use technology to train new workers. The DVD gives pointers on all the essentials for both beginners and advance waitstaff and demonstrates both the right way and the wrong way to serve customers.

My son breezed through the training and did a great job for them, as evidenced as the hefty amounts of tips that he earned. Plus he learned about customer service, being courteous and responsive, and he had fun while earning good money.

One of the tricks he learned was to offer freshly ground pepper for the salads and to offer freshly grated Parmesan cheese on the pastas. With a little practice he was able to perform these services with a flourish. Of course, the fresh pepper would be a totally different presentation with the use of an electric pepper mill.

I ordered seafood since I don’t like to cook fish in the condo and have the residual odors. I do love fish, especially when someone else is doing the cooking!

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Lunch With The Girls at Olive Garden

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