Fire Cleanup

Don’t you just love a Facebook post that says something dramatic and then the person who wrote it doesn’t post again for another day or so? My girlfriend, Jodi, posted yesterday that her son, Tyler, almost burned the house down and they are standing outside in the front yard waiting for the smoke to clear. And then nothing else posted since then! I wanted to tell her about fire damage restoration companies in her area and how they can help with the smoke damage or fire damage.

One of the worst things about a house that caught on fire is the smell of burnt plastics and burnt building materials that lingers in the air and chokes you for days afterward. She is going to need fire odor removal people to come help get that awful smell out.

I know she can get online and search for fire damage services in the area to get help. I hope the fire was not serious and that she does not have to stay in a hotel for several days while they clean it up.

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