Life Insurance Check Up

When our CFO left the company a couple of weeks ago I was really bummed. He was a good guy and I liked stopping by his office to chat about money things once in a while. Now our Purchasing Manager has resigned. That’s like a double whammy.

She and her hubby had moved to Nashville about 2 years ago for his job. She had given up her good job in Seattle to be the loyal wife, and came to work for us. But I could tell she missed Seattle and I guess the company she left realized what a jewel they had lost, because after a couple months without her, they started hounding her to come back. Finally they made an offer she couldn’t refuse, so they are going back to the west coast.

With all these people leaving, I asked our HR Manager about COBRA and other benefits. I didn’t realize until just now that if you leave a company and had life insurance through the company that you can’t take that with you, it stops coverage on your last day of employment. That’s not been an issue for me, thank goodness, but now that I’m getting older and life insurance may not be so easy to get, it was on my mind.

I think I will be better off getting life insurance on my own instead of counting on the coverage from my employer’s benefits package. There are plenty of good companies out there and I think that using a broker will be the best way to start shopping.

During my lunch break I was surfing for life insurance and found a site called with a variety of plans. They have a link to get quotes and also a toll free number to get quotes. Because they are a los angeles life insurance company, a lot of their insurance plans do not require a medical exam.

I can save a lot of time if this site helps me compare quotes and get approved online. I don’t smoke, but I see that they even have plans to cover smokers, so surely someone like me can get a good plan and finally have some peace of mind.

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