Winter’s Last Hurrah

A winter storn came through the state yesterday and through the night. It was still snowing off and on this morning, but I think it’s mostly done its damage. At my condo there’s only about one inch on the ground, so I guess the worst of it was to our north. Thank goodness for us – sorry to our northern neighbors.

The weatherman was calling for 3-6 inches, so of course everyone rushed to Kroger, like the well trained lemmings that we are, and bought milk, bread, eggs and toilet paper. The Kroger near my house was sold out of eggs and toilet paper by 3:00 yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure what that says about the Nashville shoppers. What is it about snow that increases our egg consumption? I don’t understand that. If you lose your electricity, you won’t have any way to cook the eggs . . . I say, stock up on fresh fruit, cereal and milk. Maybe some bread, peanut butter and jelly for the little ones, tuna or sliced ham for the big ones. You can get by for a couple of days on that.

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