Bad Hair Day

I’m torn between getting a totally new look with a fresh hairstyle or should I just put up with this growing out stage forĀ  another week or two? It gets frustrating to look in the mirror day after day, and feel like it is another bad hair day, day after day.

Part of me really likes long hair – it is easy to pull it back and tie it into a ponytail. It is easy to just brush it out and let it fall. And my father always likes his daughters to have long hair – it was important to him and he told us that, often.

On the other hand, short hair washes and dries faster and easier. And it makes me feel more carefree and, I don’t know, sassy – is that the right word?

If you look in all the women’s magazine the models all have long straight hair. I think it’s getting very boring. Plus, I’m obviously not a 20-something model, either.

We’ll have to see if the car head towards the hair salon today or not.

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