Granny Needs A New Bath Tub

I was chatting with Granny last night for a bit. She’s doing real well since her fall, and is getting ready to start writing in her own blog. Way to go, Granny!

If you didn’t know already, Granny slipped on the front steps right before her 75th birthday and hurt her hip. This is the very thing we’ve all been afraid would happen because it is so common for older people to slip and get hurt. The good news is that nothing was broken, but she is very sore and needs a walker for a couple of weeks to help her get around.

This whole episode got us to thinking about how we grandchildren could help out making her house a little more “elder friendly” and maybe more accessible for Granny later years – as we sure hope she will be here with us for many many more years yet. Little brother is a plumber and he suggested we start with remodeling the bathroom. We could put in a walk in tub and a different toilet, for starters.

I’ve been searching the web for information and found a site with pictures and tons of info for Walk-in Tubs. After Granny and the grand kids have a chance to look it over, we hope to get one ordered and installed for her. I know she will appreciate the easy in and out, plus every girl likes a good long soak!

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