My Rusty Spanish Needs Help

Had to write an email to our master franchisee in Mexico today. It was a short note to let him know that I have a broker lined up to meet with him. My years of high school Spanish lessons helped a little, but honestly, that was 30 something years ago. I hope he can read it and understand what I was trying to say.

We don’t have anyone fluent in Spanish in our office since Elena left. As we have business deals ongoing with people in Mexico, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico, I thought that my taking a Spanish language course could help the company. I would love to go to an immersion camp, but simply don’t have time. It would be fun to re-learn the language, now that using it would give me a practical application in the real world.

Our human resources manager suggested I look at a website for a company called Executive Language Training. This is the right place for what I need to do! ELT offers courses in Spanish and five other languages. They do an assessment of my needs and goals, assign a trainer to work with me, and everything is geared around making it convenient to my schedule. Their website was easy to read and easy to find the information I needed to sign up. I’m leaning toward their special “intensive Spanish course” so that I can get up to speed quickly, and then maybe a class in introductory French.


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