Transmission Problems

Sometimes there is a word that pops up in your life with alarming frequency. I say alarming with the thought that the word might not always be a good thing. The word I have in mind that even prompted this post is: transmission.

When I worked for NORTEL, I worked with a crew of salesmen who specialized in Government contracts for telephone transmission equipment. I still remember the spec sheets on the DMS-10.

But lately, the word transmission is pertaining to automobiles. It seems like the last 4 vehicles that I’ve had I drove and maintained well past the period of car payments. I paid for all kinds of major repairs in hopes of keeping each of those cars running. But the straw that always broke the camel’s back was when that vehicles started having transmission troubles.

The Ford Thunderbird was one of my favorite cars, but I had to pay for 3 transmissions in that 1997 classic car. Its now sitting in the back of the house with another bad transmission. I don’t know if i will ever get around to putting another transmission in that car. I think three should have been plenty.

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