Cool Wheels

So last night we played miniature golf at “Treasure Island” and had a blast. We rode over in Greg’s Hummer 3 and Jim’s Ford Expedition. I rode shotgun with Greg. Nice ride!

Riding in a nice buggy like that Hummer makes me start lusting for new wheels. I mean, I love my little Beemer, but that Hummer 3 is really sweet. I don’t think I’d go so far as to have it pink like the one in the picture below! I wonder how much insurance would be on the Hummer compared to what I’m paying now? Sometimes on the really nice cars the insurance can be as much as the car payment!

Later tonight I might check a few places on the web and see if I can find cheap motor insurance or at least a couple of good estimates on car insurance. Greg mentioned a good place to start so If the insurance is in the right price range, I can shop around for a car loan and see if I want to take on the additional payments. With the internet put to good use, shopping for cars and insurance can be a breeze.

a bit too bright for me

Bright Pink Hummer

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