Austin Commercial Real Estate

Austin is one of the very few places left in the U. S. that I have not personally been there with feet on the ground. I have been to just about every other major metropolitan area and know the airport, the downtown, and the growth areas of hundreds of cities.

So when one of our Austin franchisees called with questions about their lease and build-out, I was almost hoping for an excuse to jump on an airplane and fly right out there to help. But I was able to help him over the phone, and I put him in touch with one of the best brokers in Austin Commercial Real Estate, Don Cox.

Every town has a couple of key individuals that “own that town” and know everyone. In commercial real estate, it is just as important to know the right people as it is to know the buildings and the properties for sale or lease. In Austin, Don Cox is the guy to know.

If you are looking for help with Austin Industrial Space or office space, be sure to call Don Cox first and tell him that I sent you.

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