MF’s best ukulele tuner

Hopefully my mother will approve of the MF’s best ukulele tuner that I could find to give to her first grandchild, Karen, who is now of age to take a serious interest in playing some music. Mother still isn’t quite comfortable with shopping online even though most of us have spent a good amount of time trying to show and explain to her how to do some of the most simple basic tasks using the computer, but she is a stubborn old woman some times.

This year will most likely be the last time Mother is up to having so many people under her roof for the Christmas holidays. It is a lot of work and the family isn’t even any where near ready to quit growing. Karen may be the first but the way this family breeds it won’t be the last any time soon!

Merry Christmas to all the good people in the world!

the good old ukulele

Lanikai Clip-on Ukulele Electronic Tuner