OMG – What About His Car?

Here I was thinking we have a good plan for helping to get my son moved back East from Vegas, and then it occurred to me – what about getting his car back here? I have zero interest in driving all the way from Vegas to Atlanta, or even Vegas to my own home. It’s a 4 hour plane ride – just imagine how long a drive that will be!

When I had moved out to California, I just left my car behind and got a new one out there. I don’t know if that’s an option in this case – I think he has a relatively new car and wants to keep it.

I checked out a few things on the internet and found a company that handles car shipping. According to their website, NationalAutoShipping dot com, it sounds like they go to great lengths for security – my biggest concern, and they are bonded and insured. The website is short and to the point, so you don’t waste time reading and clicking through a lot of stuff to get to what you want. The best part is that there is a link to a free quote, either online or by phone using a toll free number.

This might be the best way to handle the car issue. We’ll have to talk tomorrow and see what he thinks.

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