Classic Video Game Revival

Isn’t it amazing that in my lifetime we had no video games at all when I was a child, to the invention of video games machines that attached to your home television set, then they made video game machines found in arcades, and now games on the internet.

I remember playing Pong on the TV in our living room. My dad was a technology geek and would buy anything new as soon as it first came out. He bought a calculator, a color TV, a cassette tape player and all kinds of electronic devices and shared with with us kids. I remember buying the first Nintendo game system and having to rent the games from little fly by night businesses so that my own kids could play the latest games with their friends.

And, of course, we would go to the new arcades several times a month to play on the pacman arcade machine. I loved the arcades and would spend hours on the pacman game while my kids played on nearby machines. I bet they were embarrassed in front of their friends that their mom was playing arcade games, but I liked the games and I liked being there with my kids so they were supervised and not getting into trouble.

Hard to believe how this basic black and white game entertained millions and started a fad that is still earning billions of dollars without any sign of stopping any time soon.

totally thrilling

Pong -The two paddles return the ball back and forth. The score is kept by the numbers (0 and 1) at the top of the screen.

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