Desert Jewels

One of the things I love about Nevada and the western states is the beautiful jewelry styles. I especially love the silver and turquoise rings, and I am always a sucker for a new pair of earrings.

One of the arcade vendors was telling me about a wholesale source for silver jewelry, so when we got home I jumped on the internet to check it out. Wow – this site is like dropping me into the middle of a candy store! Well, maybe a luxury gourmet chocolate store – at deep discount prices!

This wholesale silver jewelry site has a minimum order of only $300, ships everything Fed Ex flat rate, and orders ship within one business day. This tells me they are a well run, streamlined company.

The selection of styles and pieces is great. They have abalone jewelry, amber jewelry, mother of pearl jewelry, red coral jewelry, silver and wood jewelry, turquoise jewelry and more.

This is not the cheap stuff that turns your skin black or makes your ears itch. All items are guaranteed 925 sterling silver, and it is nickel and lead free sterling silver. If you are serious about fine silver jewelry and want to save money, this is where to start your shopping.

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