High Definition Digital Video Disc or Blu-ray

It seems a lot of people are either into high definition or blu-ray and from what I have seen many digital video discs players are now starting to offer players that play both HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs and some movie studios have discs that can be played on both type of players.

After reading some online polls about what sold more players and what sold more discs this year and which are better quality and so on, I wanted to hold my own poll and see what everyone out there is going to buy when they upgrade to the next generation digital video disc format. A lot of people credit the adult industry with deciding the next generation format of DVD but I believe the next generation format to be the HD or High Definition age, because HD goes beyond movies into television, radio, and other forms where as blu-ray only has movies and players. Only time will tell but like I said I predict that HD will prevail as the winner of the format war.

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