Critical Data Always At Hand

Years ago, I was running a small real estate office and was responsible for the computer system, among one hundred other things. The principal broker was a fanatic about the contacts database. Keeping the database updated and maintained was her number one priority. How I wish we had access to an Online Backup Storage method back then. I used to spend hours every week performing manual backups onto mixed media, with a strict rotation schedule and a second backup stored off site at all times. It took four hours every Friday to back up the entire computer system to the zip drive and to make a second archive copy.

My first hands on experience with a commercial computer system was all the way back in 1970. I worked on an IBM machine and a Univac, and have been involved with computers my whole life. I have used every kind of backup system they ever created, from 8 inch floppy disks to Zip Drives, thumb drives and now the Cloud. Trust me when I say that the Cloud is the best way to store all your data, graphics, audio and video files.

Just now I looked around my desktop and found 3 thumb drives and two diskettes. I really need to get rid of all of these and just use the internet to handle all my backups. If I upload all my files from my desktop at work to an internet based backup account, then I can access all that same information from anywhere in the world. This is what modern computing is becoming – accessibility and convenience for the user.

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