Real Art

As much as I love photographs I don’t seem to take many photos lately. I used to carry a camera with me everywhere, especially when my kids were young and we were always going fun places. I have a huge collection of photos that I need to organize and I would love to make a few special scrapbooks but I just haven’t felt creative until now. When I get home I want to make that project a priority for the next couple of weekends.

I found a site called Photofiddle that works with photographs and turns them into art using different techniques, like oil painting and low detail watercolor. The trick is having a good photograph that was put together well or composed to base the artwork on. I think composition is half the battle with having a good photograph, and I’ve always paid attention to that. I think I have several really good candidates for this art conversion.

I was thinking that I’d like to find a few of my photographs from the old days and make them into a watercolor type painting and give them to my mother as mothers day gifts. There are a couple I would like to take from the montage photoframe I have in my office and make them into art for my own home. Now that I have the creative juices flowing again I can’t wait to see how some of them turn out!

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