Voice Processing Technology

Last week my kid sister had the opportunity to meet Dr. Harold (Andy) Hildebrand, known better as Dr Andy who was a research scientist before he submerged himself in the music industry studying music as well as music composition. His work then led to the invention of the Antares software that she was looking at earlier today with me. Much like the avid brand software that I was gazing at online today at Guitar Center.

Today’s professional sound designers are so very grateful for his work, which led to quickly become the premier looping tool, something that was deemed impossible for so very long. I am so jealous that I wasn’t along with my kid sister. At the last minute she asked me to join her. but I don’t do “last minute” very well. It takes a good amount of time, work and energy to put my face on, having my hair clean and shiny, and clothes that fit, that flatter my figure, which isn’t always easy to pull off.