Cleaning Out My Closet

It rained all weekend so I took on the project of cleaning out my closets.  I didn’t realize how many years it’s been since I dove into them.  There were some odd items of clothing tucked in the back corners that I’d literally forgotten all about.

First, I looked at the sizes, because let’s face it, I’m never going to be able to wear some sizes I wore previously.  And if I did ever get down to a smaller size, I would want to celebrate with new clothes, anyway.  (That ain’t happening, so moving on!)  Then I looked at each article and asked myself, ” Am I ever going anywhere that I will want to wear this again?”  Surprisingly, the answer was no, a lot.  I think I’ve held onto so many things simply because I was too lazy to go through them.

I’ve got everything in plastic bags now, and a few household items packed in boxes, and I’m going to call Purple Heart right now before I procrastinate.  Oh good, they can come pick this stuff up on Thursday.  I just need to leave it out in my yard or porch early in the morning.  I like to donate to Purple Heart – they are a much more worthy charity than Good Will or the Salvation Army. Trust me on this – I checked them all out before deciding which one to call.