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Small Business Details

My son in Alabama is beginning to understand that starting up and running your own business is full of pesky little chores that take up a lot of your time and need to be handled in a timely manner, such as balancing the different business bank accounts so your employee’s checks don’t bounce and keeping a paper trail of disciplinary actions with a problem employee so the Department of Labor doesn’t get on your back.

I told him about a nice software package called “Manager Assistant” that can help him get better organized and stay on top of those HR and manager details. I like the feature that let’s you schedule and manage employee reviews because I am a firm believer of constant feedback and working with employees as a team, with common goals and measurable progress. But this program has many different modules to help you with many different kinds of management tasks.

It is about time we started entertaining the thought of advertising online. I have offered to help as much as I can with the limited knowledge of online advertising. I really like what CozyWinters is a great option that I will talk to him about in person. I still prefer eye contact when I have a conversation!

My goodness, my son has a lot to learn! But glad I’m here to help and glad to do it. I have no doubt he’ll end up being a great boss and make his business a great success.

Critical Data Always At Hand

Years ago, I was running a small real estate office and was responsible for the computer system, among one hundred other things. The principal broker was a fanatic about the contacts database. Keeping the database updated and maintained was her number one priority. How I wish we had access to an Online Backup Storage method back then. I used to spend hours every week performing manual backups onto mixed media, with a strict rotation schedule and a second backup stored off site at all times. It took four hours every Friday to back up the entire computer system to the zip drive and to make a second archive copy.

My first hands on experience with a commercial computer system was all the way back in 1970. I worked on an IBM machine and a Univac, and have been involved with computers my whole life. I have used every kind of backup system they ever created, from 8 inch floppy disks to Zip Drives, thumb drives and now the Cloud. Trust me when I say that the Cloud is the best way to store all your data, graphics, audio and video files.

Just now I looked around my desktop and found 3 thumb drives and two diskettes. I really need to get rid of all of these and just use the internet to handle all my backups. If I upload all my files from my desktop at work to an internet based backup account, then I can access all that same information from anywhere in the world. This is what modern computing is becoming – accessibility and convenience for the user.

Don’t Have A Blog?

Dont have a blog yet and do not have any money to buy a domain name and more money to have it hosted? Well do not worry there are plenty of places that will let you keep a blog online for free. The first and the best in my opinion is Blogger which is run by the great folks over at Google. If Blogger does not do it for you then try out WordPress. The third place is MySpace which has a lot of other features including a blog. So if you do not have one blog go get yourself one and have fun sharing your thoughts and ideas online with the World.

When You Need a Geek

Arrgh. I had some laptop issues this afternoon. Of course, it has to happen while I’m on vacation and not in the office for help from our IT guy. And I realize that I’m lucky to have some help from the guys in the office. A lot of people don’t even have that much support.

Thank goodness I knew about the site for home IT support.

You can get help for computer repair either over the phone or face to face. They can answer all those pesky questions about computers and software, and help with hooking up new accessories like a webcam or gaming console. Certainly worth giving them a try for expert IT support.

Had Some Tweaking To Do

After switching over the new theme, I realized some of the things I used in my last template did not come standard on this new theme. But I liked it so much, I changed it around a little bit and added the little things back to it, including some new goodies I’ve found.

If you notice any problems like pages not loading or funny symbols, please leave them in the comments here.