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Thomas the Train

What is it about the Thomas the Train movies that grabs the attention of kids everywhere? They are nothing more than a man reading a story book out loud, like any parent reads a bedtime story. And they are in British words and phrases, easy enough for an American to understand, but obviously different from what the kids here are used to hearing.

My grandson absolutely loves anything that has to do with Thomas the Train. I can send him any present – a book, a new train, a sticker book – that has Thomas on it and he loves it. I even found a website for him to play Thomas games and watch short Thomas the Train videos on the internet when he comes for a visit.




Ever notice how the Queen always seems to wearing a strand of pearls with every outfit when she goes out in public? Her Pearls and her hats are her trademark. I think most women of my generation have at least one good strand of pearls. I inherited mine from my grandmother and I love them dearly.

I would love to have another pearl necklace, though. I’ve had my eye on some new designs, like the stylish two tone designs. I don’t know if the black and white is supposed to be symbolic of anything, like a lifestyle choice, so I had better check on that before I make a stupid mistake. But if this trip goes well I hope to have at least one afternoon of shopping and I would love to take home a new pearl necklace as my souvenir from London. But if I don’t find any bargains on this trip, I know I can order quality pearls from the Pearl Outlet website.

Selena will have her pearls!

Desert Jewels

One of the things I love about Nevada and the western states is the beautiful jewelry styles. I especially love the silver and turquoise rings, and I am always a sucker for a new pair of earrings.

One of the arcade vendors was telling me about a wholesale source for silver jewelry, so when we got home I jumped on the internet to check it out. Wow – this site is like dropping me into the middle of a candy store! Well, maybe a luxury gourmet chocolate store – at deep discount prices!

This wholesale silver jewelry site has a minimum order of only $300, ships everything Fed Ex flat rate, and orders ship within one business day. This tells me they are a well run, streamlined company.

The selection of styles and pieces is great. They have abalone jewelry, amber jewelry, mother of pearl jewelry, red coral jewelry, silver and wood jewelry, turquoise jewelry and more.

This is not the cheap stuff that turns your skin black or makes your ears itch. All items are guaranteed 925 sterling silver, and it is nickel and lead free sterling silver. If you are serious about fine silver jewelry and want to save money, this is where to start your shopping.

MF’s best ukulele tuner

Hopefully my mother will approve of the MF’s best ukulele tuner that I could find to give to her first grandchild, Karen, who is now of age to take a serious interest in playing some music. Mother still isn’t quite comfortable with shopping online even though most of us have spent a good amount of time trying to show and explain to her how to do some of the most simple basic tasks using the computer, but she is a stubborn old woman some times.

This year will most likely be the last time Mother is up to having so many people under her roof for the Christmas holidays. It is a lot of work and the family isn’t even any where near ready to quit growing. Karen may be the first but the way this family breeds it won’t be the last any time soon!

Merry Christmas to all the good people in the world!

the good old ukulele

Lanikai Clip-on Ukulele Electronic Tuner


Just as I was getting good at the game called Chocolatier online, I got a system error message saying that my free trial period was up and if I want to continue playing I have to buy the game. AAARRRGGGHHHH!

I didn’t want to be held hostage so I quit the game and went on about my business that night. But today I was at Sam’s and saw the game for sale on the shelf, and in a moment of I deserve a little splurge, I bought the game. Can’t wait to install it an play later tonight. I even have a nice little box of chocolates on my desk to inspire me!