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Cleaning Out My Closet

It rained all weekend so I took on the project of cleaning out my closets.  I didn’t realize how many years it’s been since I dove into them.  There were some odd items of clothing tucked in the back corners that I’d literally forgotten all about.

First, I looked at the sizes, because let’s face it, I’m never going to be able to wear some sizes I wore previously.  And if I did ever get down to a smaller size, I would want to celebrate with new clothes, anyway.  (That ain’t happening, so moving on!)  Then I looked at each article and asked myself, ” Am I ever going anywhere that I will want to wear this again?”  Surprisingly, the answer was no, a lot.  I think I’ve held onto so many things simply because I was too lazy to go through them.

I’ve got everything in plastic bags now, and a few household items packed in boxes, and I’m going to call Purple Heart right now before I procrastinate.  Oh good, they can come pick this stuff up on Thursday.  I just need to leave it out in my yard or porch early in the morning.  I like to donate to Purple Heart – they are a much more worthy charity than Good Will or the Salvation Army. Trust me on this – I checked them all out before deciding which one to call.

Tongue Twisters

irish wristwatch

My father loved word play. He worked on crossword puzzles, loved riddles, and was always challenging the kids with tongue twisters and puns. This is a tongue twister that I don’t remember hearing as a child, but when I found it on Facebook today it made me think of my father. He would have loved this one.

Scrubs for My Costume This Year

October means Halloween and Halloween means I need a costume. We always have a Halloween party at work and employees are supposed to not only wear a costume and makeup, but we are supposed to decorate our offices or cubicles and then everyone votes on the best decorations and the best costumes for both prizes and bragging rights.

Last year I decided to wear blue scrubs, latex gloves, and painted fake blood down my shirt and running down my arms. My props were a rubber Frankenstein doll laid out on an operating table, some surgical instruments and a strobe light. I was, of course, Dr. Frankenstein. It got a lot of laughs and I won second place for the office decor.

My idea for this year is to get another pair of cheap hospital scrubs and do something similar but different. I am going to get a blonde wig to wear under the surgical cap and a large rubber fake brain. Then I’m going to use light grey and black makeup to make me look like a zombie. I’m going to walk around like a zombie and offer people my brain, telling them that since I’m a blonde now that I don’t need it. LOL

Electronic Drums

I’m sorry but I really have never heard of electronic drums until I went online at www.musiciansfriend and found some to check out. When the heck did electronic drums come out? Where was I when this happened.? Not that I have a vast knowledge of musical instruments, but I have had a love affair with drums all my life.

I really wish that I had taken drum lessons as a kid. I did take piano lessons for two summers but gave up on that and was not happy with my parents when they told me that I couldn’t change from piano to the drums. I still hold a resentment about that but have kept it to myself all these years.

Thomas the Train

What is it about the Thomas the Train movies that grabs the attention of kids everywhere? They are nothing more than a man reading a story book out loud, like any parent reads a bedtime story. And they are in British words and phrases, easy enough for an American to understand, but obviously different from what the kids here are used to hearing.

My grandson absolutely loves anything that has to do with Thomas the Train. I can send him any present – a book, a new train, a sticker book – that has Thomas on it and he loves it. I even found a website for him to play Thomas games and watch short Thomas the Train videos on the internet when he comes for a visit.