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Don’t Have A Blog?

Dont have a blog yet and do not have any money to buy a domain name and more money to have it hosted? Well do not worry there are plenty of places that will let you keep a blog online for free. The first and the best in my opinion is Blogger which is run by the great folks over at Google. If Blogger does not do it for you then try out WordPress. The third place is MySpace which has a lot of other features including a blog. So if you do not have one blog go get yourself one and have fun sharing your thoughts and ideas online with the World.

What To Do With 2 Hours?

Have to take a break from the convention and give my poor aching feet a rest. I have a 2 hour break, so I can either take a short nap or sit out on the balcony with my laptop and surf for a while. Guess which option won that coin toss?

Have a lot of emails to catch up. I think I’m going to ask most of my friends to just read my blog and post comments. I think this while blogging experience is so new to a lot of people that they don’t know how to make the most of this cool new technology.

I’ve been thinking about getting my MicroSoft certification and start taking on a few students to teach them computer and internet basics, especially the elderly that haven’t really grown up with all this technology. I would like to start a new project to help people, but have to work around a hectic travel schedule. Let me see if I can find some ideas on the net that I can adapt to my own purposes.

Busting the Cheaters

Last night Cabby and I played a couple of Spades games and had so much fun. He is such a fun guy and a good player, and I know with his really busy life that he needs something like our Spades games to help him decompress and relax a little after a long day driving cabs and then also working on the manor house that he is renovating. It is a wonder he finds time to play any games with me, much less sleep!

I’ve been playing Spades in the internet since 1995, when I first discovered MSN’s I-Village. Actually, the first game they had available for online play was Hearts. While playing Hearts one day, I heard chat about the new Spades site, so I ventured over and was hooked. Eventually I came across the new Yahoo Games site and started playing there. Then another site, called World Play, came online and I played there, too. The World Play site was truly international – I met people from all over the world, including Cabby and his son, Steph.

So as we bounced from site to site and met so many good people, eventually the bad and the ugly had to find there way in to spoil things. The most common way to cheat back in the day was to have a second computer in your home and play a game either being your own partner or having your spouse or girlfriend playing the other computer in full view of your computer and, therefore, the cards in your hand.

Thanks to my geek brother, we found a way to discover these types of cheaters and bust them out. There is a way cool tool that you can use to find a person’s IP address. If you are playing against someone who’s play or conversation is suspicious, you can fire up the IP address tool and find out if they are partnering themselves.

When the World Play site went down, a lot of us migrated over to the new Hardwood Spades site, where cheating wasn’t very prevalent. But of course, human nature being what it is, eventually the cheaters came on over to Hardwood Spades, too.

Last night, Cabby and I thought the opponents were playing a little too perfect a game, plus there was a lot of lag between plays. Cabby fired up his IP address tool and, sure enough, both players on the red team had the same IP address.

I haven’t used the tool for a few years, but Cabby has one that he really likes, and if I ever have any suspicions about the players I send him an IM and ask him to check them out. It only takes a minute to locate ip addresses, and when you know you have a cheater at the table, you can file a complaint with the site administrators and leave the game. I tried the site that he used, and it was easy to figure it out. There are a lot more things you can do with an IP address locator tool – I think I’m going to like this little tool!

I don’t want to play against cheaters – I want to win a fair game.

Tools For Today’s People

Right now is a great time to live and work with all of the latest technology at our fingertips. I feel sorry for so many people that don’t have access to so much that we all use on a daily basis without as much as blinking an eye. For example, the people that have been locked away in a medical institution (for whatever reason) and then there are of course the folks that have been locked up behind bars that have no idea of what even a cell phone can and is used for. Most of our cell phones do so much more than just allow us to make phone calls. I don’t even know if I could explain what a app is or how helpful they are turning out to be for so many people and businesses.

My sister has been finding some real estate apps and sharing her finds on Facebook pages for her friends, family and fellow co-workers in the real estate field. Wow, wouldn’t it be like totally weird not to even know what Facebook is? Anyway like I said this really is a great time to be able to utilize all the tools that we are being turned onto and purchasing as fast as they can think of and then produce them. Look how popular personal computers are and what a long way they have become.

More Good News and a Good Idea

Almost forgot, my sister has great secretarial skills from years of working for the insurance broker. If she hadn’t moved so far away, she would still be working for him. At least she has kept up with the new versions of Windows and the Microsoft Office products.

The temp agency told her that she might get more money from their assignments if she was certified by Microsoft on the different software programs. I think that’s a great idea. Anything that you can learn and use to advance in your career is good by me.

So now both of us are interested in Microsoft Certification and when I get back from the ski trip will check into it for myself as well!