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My friends have been talking about this movie called zeitgeist on Google video ever since they have seen it and after I watched it, thats all I can seem to talk about. I can not imagine a movie like this being able to make it to theaters or on any television station here anytime soon. From what I can tell from the website zeitgeist the movie you can order a DVD of the movie. In my opinon some fact checking needs to be done for some of the stuff to see just how true everything in the movie is but hey it is a movie and if someone wants to add a little something extra onto  the story more power to them it would not be the first time.

The iBar

The iBar

Came accross this excellent video on YouTube of a new type of bar surface. When I first saw the Microsoft Surface I thought it was a great idea it just needed to be much bigger, and ofcourse one the length of an entire bar would be excellent. This one does not do any of the great things Microsofts Surfaces do but it is on the right track, they are calling it the iBar. I hope the people over at Microsoft read this post and make some next generation Surfaces this size of this one or being able to connect multiple Surfaces together would be awsome.

High Definition Digital Video Disc or Blu-ray

It seems alot of people are either into high definition or blu-ray and from what I have seen many digital video discs players are now starting to offer players that play both HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs and some movie studios have discs that can be played on both type of players. After reading some online polls about what sold more players and what sold more discs this year and which are better quality and so on, I wanted to hold my own poll and see what everyone out there is going to buy when they upgrade to the next generation digital video disc format. Alot of people credit the adult industry with deciding the next generation format of DVD but I believe the next generation format to be the HD or High Definition age, because HD goes beyond movies into television, radio, and other forms where as blu-ray only has movies and players. Only time will tell but like I said I predict that HD will previal as the winner of the format war.

Got video?

Have a cool video clip or alot of home movies laying around the home or in digital format and want to have place to share them with the rest of the world or just your close network of trusted friends? Then look at these two places YouTube and Google Video both are an excellent way to upload and share your content for free. Since Google bought YouTube awhile back many other websites are now starting to offer users the chance to upload video to thier websites for free. If anyone has found another great place to upload videos for free please feel free to share the address and your opinon on the service  in the comments.

Yahoo Gallery Beta

Yahoo Gallery allows developers to discover and share applications that use Yahoo technology this is just in Beta but you can get your own developers page and anyone familiar with Yahoo services or products should have no problem making all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. It also allows you the rate other peoples apps. This is something I hope come sout of Beta as soon as possible. Would be cool to post some how to vieos on Yahoo video for begginners thru experts.